Enzymatic Urinal Blocks

BioFactor™ Enzymatic Urinal Blocks eliminate odours the natural way! As the block dissolves, it releases millions of colony-forming bacterial spores. These natural, non-pathogenic bacteria team up with protease enzymes and potent cleaning agents to degrade uric acid–the leading cause of odours in urinals.

By degrading the crystalline structure of uric acid, the powerful biological agents keep urinal traps and pipes from clogging, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Enzymatic Urinal Blocks

Features and Benefits

  • Contain 1B Colony Forming Units (CFU) per block
  • Blocks work 24 hours, 7 days a week and last an average of 30 days
  • Blocks keep traps and pipes clean
  • All-organic ingredients are readily biodegradable
  • Saves water, which saves money
  • Does not contain toxic para-dichlorobenzene or phenol ethoxylates
  • Non-WHIMIS-regulated product that requires no special training to use