Commercial Products

Our Brands
The Natural ChoiceTM

Eco-Max® is our premium line of 100% plant based, green cleaning products and includes a full range of non-toxic, non-WHIMIS regulated solutions available in both concentrated and ready to use formulations. This line features a wide selection of products certified by Environment Canada’s EcoLogoTM program, which make them safe to use and safe for our environment.

Cleaning for Health and the Environment

PrismEnvironmental® is a diverse line of readily biodegradable cleaning and personal care products for special applications where 100% plant based products may not be effective. This line features our popular selection of bio-technology cleaning and deodorizing solutions.

The Strength of Bio-technology

BioFactor® is our growing line of environmentally responsible, bacterial based products. They utilize the power of natural, fast acting bacteria that work together to digest organic matter, which in turn eliminates odours and keeps pipes clear. BioFactor® features our non-pathogenic, EcoLogoTM biological urinal blocks.