Powered by Bullfrog

We are proud to announce that our office and manufacturing facility are now bullfrogpoweredTM with 100% green electricity that has been EcoLogoM certified by Environment Canada. It comes from low impact sources such as wind and hydro facilities instead of coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear sources.

In one year our emissions footprint will be significantly reduced by approximately 15.88 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, 44.82 Kg of Sulfur Dioxide and 20.6 Kg of Nitric Oxide. The mentioned gases are pollutants from traditional power plants and are a major contributor to poor air quality. By using our products you receive the benefits of the products and you are aiding in the reduction of air pollution and making a positive impact on climate change.

To learn more about Bullfrog Power, please visit their website at www.bullfrogpower.com and see how you too can help make a positive impact on climate change.

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